ENT advice and information

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How to administer nose drops and sprays – advice leaflet

Nasal treatment pathway slide

ENT-UK site with information on rhinitis, sinusitis, nasal polyps and more….

The Fifth Sense – Charity giving support and advice to smell and taste-related disorder sufferers

Practical information for those with loss of sense of smell – although this is aimed at those with anosmia post brain injury it is useful for those with anosmia of any cause


ENT-UK site with information on deafness, tinnitus, hearing aids, ear infections and more….

The Meniere’s society

Balance re-education exercises

Action on hearing loss – providing support for those with hearing loss and tinnitus

Understanding tinnitus – advice leaflet


Common throat symptom advice leaflet

ENT-UK site with information on sore throat, hoarse voice, snoring, adenoids and tonsils and more….

Chronic cough advice leaflet