Consultation fees – Adults

Initial consultation                   £160
Follow-up consultation            £120

During your consultation you may need certain procedures (such as endoscopy of the nose and/or throat, hearing tests, nasal cautery and/or microsuction of the ears). Fees for these procedures, in addition to the consultation fee, may be charged by both the hospital and myself.  If you are not insured, and paying the maximum consultation fee above, I will not charge an additional fee for these procedures myself but the hospital will. For details contact The Duchy Hospital (01872 226100). The commonest charge is for flexible naso-laryngoscopy (E2501, E1780 – endoscopy of the nose and/or throat) for which The Duchy charges £150 (correct as of Oct 2016).

Non-attendance fee (with less than 24 hrs notice)            £50

Mr Whinney is registered with all major insurers and has a “fee assured” contract with BUPA and AXA PPP, who have their own agreed fee schedule distinct from that above.

Invoice can be sent to the insurer (if details given) or the patient but please note that the patient remains responsible for payment.


Private adult surgery can be carried out at Duchy Hospital and Royal Cornwall Hospital.
Please note that Tonsil surgery cannot currently be accommodated at Duchy Hospital.

The Duchy Hospital will be pleased to supply quotes for surgery, including fixed cost quotes on a range of common procedures.
Payment options are available, if required. The Duchy contact details can be found here


I regret to say that I am unable to provide a private service for children at Duchy or Royal Cornwall Hospital.
The Duchy is unable to accommodate patients under 18 years old.
I am only able to see and treat children within my NHS contract at Royal Cornwall Hospital.